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Responsive mobile-friendly websites

Jul 20   There are a number of good reasons why your new or existing website should be fully responsive and adapt to the device your visitor has chosen to view it on.

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BuildLite is launched

Jun 20   We are delighted to launch our latest mobile friendly website 'BuildLite'. This all-in-one package has been designed exclusively for local builders and those on the tools.

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Mobile website history

May 20   The internet has a short, but ultimately interesting, history. Here are some interesting historical facts about the accessing the internet via mobile phones.

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Digital Upholster partners with PEAS

May 20    In April 2020, digital upholster was delighted to be approached by PEAS to review their current website and digital Marketing strategy.

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Our very first website

May 20   it all started as a bit of a self-taught hobby, with the objective of helping his local grass roots football club Orpington FC.

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What does opensource mean?

May 20   We love opensource web technology which is freely available to use, modify and redistribute.

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Have you heard of google fonts?

May 20   We have and we love them. Google offers a library of free licensed fonts that we can use for your website.

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Does your website meet legislation?

May 20   In May 2018 new legislation called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force.

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The best free stock photos and videos

May 20   Pexels.com is a great website that provides high quality and completely free stock photos under their own open license.

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