Our first website

Not mobile friendly, but that was okay at the time

We love building and developing websites and our founder Steve Acott started over 18 years ago using a secondhand boxed version and guidebook from Namo WebEditor using an old Windows PC. Interestingly, it all started as a bit of a self-taught hobby, with the objective of helping his local grass roots football club Orpington FC.

"It was rather exciting at the time, and it was very rare for a local club to have its own website. It was also a really positive step forward for the club and helped secure more sponsorship for the club and teams which was a real positive"

The website was not mobile friendly, but in early 2000 that didn't really matter as most websites were only viewed on desktop computer devices.

We would like to thank 'The Internet Archive' where we obtained the screenshot. If you would like to review an old website, click here or the following links for how these brands looked very different in years gone past:

Apple | Facebook | Diners Club | Google

Image of Orpington FC Website in 2002