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Helping Small Businesses Develop Their Proposition

Many company owners have built successful businesses because they truly believe in their products and/or services using trusted sales methodologies that have served them well. However, in the last decade many have not embraced changes in sales methodologies and consumer buying behaviour.

If you talk to a number of business owners, you wont be surprised to find that they all have differing views on sales and not doubt share their opinions about what is right and wrong. We would like to share some thought provoking insight on how we can help you business.

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Sales Health Review

A sales health review from an external sales specialist like Digital Upholster is the best way for a small to medium sized business to gauge their current sales performance and business growth potential, objectively. Our team can assist you in one or all of the following depending on your requirements:

  Outbound sales strategies

  Organic inbound enquiries

  Pursuit marketing

  Brand development

  Staff training

  Sales budget & forcasting

Inbound Marketing

If we are all being honest, most of us hate adverts. Who likes annoying pop up boxes when we are reviewing websites online? Also how many of us now record TV programs so that we can fast forward through the adverts? How many marketing emails do you eventually unsubscribe to? Well all of these fall under the banner of "outbound marketing" which you won't be surprised to read convert at a much lower rate than inbound marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing strategies focus on being found naturally, avoiding aggressive pursuit tactics of a bygone era. What is interesting is the following stats provided by Marketo on their blog.

Below is a summary of the top areas yoour business should be focusing on to create a strong inbound marketing strategy:

  Search engine optimisation for your website

  Pay per click through search engines

  Content marketing, e.g. blogging

  Using social media with blogs and article sharing

  Great quality landing pages with call to actions

Aquisition Channel Conversion Rate
Sales Prospecting 0.9%
Email 0.55%
Inbound 3.82%
Event 1.48%
Paid Marketing 2.98%
Webinar 1.61%
Nuture 0.58%
Referral 10.99%
Partner 4.54%
Social Media 1.95%

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