Website Name

Your domain name

Choose a suitable website domain name that is short and easy for customers to type.

Careful consideration is needed when selecting keywords for your domain name to ensure it clearly describes your business.

Website Hosting

Website storage

There are various website hosting packages available to you but, you should consider the nature of your website and business.

If you would like your website to have lots of pictures, videos and presentations you will require a larger storage capacity.

SSL Certificate

Securing your Website

Purchasing a Secure Socket Layer certificate for your website will protect you and your customers.

An SSL certificate adds credibility and confidence for users visiting your website and search engines will enhance your serach rankings as a result.

Email Addresses

Professional email

Whilst Gmail, Outlook and other third party email accounts are good, we recommend that you create a professional email address.

This should be in line with your website name as this will boost your brand and make it easier for your customers to remember.

Website Colour

Image of paint rollers

Colour schemes have the ability to evoke emotional responses and it is important to get yours right first time. It is essential to think about your company's target audience and current branding.

Regardless of your final choice, spending time to researching the best colour options will result in a good impression for your website visitors.

Website Images

Close up image of camera

The initial impression we gain from websites is visual, therefore images are very important. When adding images into your website content they are considered intellectual property and fall under copyright law.

There are a number of free image and video websites. The one we often use is

Website Typography

Image of random typography letters

Typography has an important role to play on a website and your choice of font(s) should be easily readable as they can help define the 'hierarchy' of your website content using size and colour.

This means that your visitors evaluate your text from most to least important, by interpreting font sizes and colours.

Writing Content

Close up image of red typewriter

The internet is a very busy place and as a result your written website content is a vital component needed to ensure your website stands out from your competitors.

Before drafting your content, identify your primary audience and what story you want to tell them. Also consider content that covers your target area.

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