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Website design

Designing mobile friendly websites for small businesses

Whether your small business needs a one-page brochure or a multi-page website, or you just need your current website modernised, we have a design solution to meet your requirements.

All of our website designs focus on the user experience and appearance, whilst ensuring they are easy to navigate and are built using the latest W3C compliant coding.

It is important to remember that people are more likely to access your website using a smartphone or tablet, rather than using traditional desktop computers and laptops.

Mobile-friendly websites are loved by search engines and for this reason alone it is incredibly important that your website is built in a way that ensures functionality on all devices.

We will design and build your website in sections, rather like building blocks. This coding methodology allows your images and text sections to stack on top of one another, which means that, whichever device your visitors choose to visit your website on, they will enjoy a great viewing experience.

It is important to plan ahead, so we would like to share with you some insight that will cover a number of fundamental areas that you will need to consider, this includes:

Website Name

Known as your domain name

Image of scrabble peices spelling www

Choose a suitable website domain name, e.g.

Careful consideration is needed when selecting the right domain name for your business. We recommend that the name includes a clear reference to what it is you do.

Website Hosting

A place to store your website files

Image of room full of servers

There are various website hosting packages available to you but, you should consider the nature of your website and business.

If you would like your website to have lots of pictures, videos and presentations you will require a larger storage capacity.

Email Addresses

Give that professional appearance

Image of apple iphone with email icon

Whilst Gmail, Outlook and other third party email accounts are good, we recommend that you create a professional email address.

This should be in line with your website name as this will boost your brand and make it easier for your customers to remember.

Website colour

Choosing the right brand colours

Image of colouring pencils

Colour schemes have the ability to evoke emotional responses and it is important to get yours right first time. When considering colours for your website it is essential to think about your company's target audience and your current branding.

Regardless of your final choice, spending time to researching the best colour options will result in a good impression for your website visitors.

Website typography

Selecting the right fonts

Image of two a letters next to a watch

Typography has an important role to play on a website. To use a technical phrase we call them 'website fonts' and we use Google Fonts for all of our websites.

Your choice of font(s) should be easily readable as they can help you define the 'hierarchy' of your website content by size and colour. This means that your visitors evaluate your text from most to least important, by interpreting font sizes and colours.

Website images

Adding high quality imagery

Close up image of camera

The initial impression we gain from websites is visual, therefore images are very important. When adding images into your website content they are considered intellectual property and fall under copyright law.

There are a number of free image and video websites. The one we often use is

Writing content for your website

invest time writing good quality website content

Close up image of typewriter

According to Internet Live Stats, there are almost 1.8 billion internet websites; nearly 4.8 billion Google searches made every day; roughly 2.5 billion active daily Facebook users; and over 3 billion giga bytes of daily internet traffic!. Naturally this means that the internet is a very busy place and as a result website your written website content is a vital component needed to ensure your website stands out from the crowd .

Before drafting your content, identify your primary audience and what story you want to tell them. There are a number of other important areas for you to consider when drafting your content, as detailed below:


This involves analysing and using the best keywords for your business. To help you with keywords, check out this useful tool from Google Trends.


Search Engine Optimisation increases the quality and quantity of your website traffic, as well as exposure through ‘organic’ search engine results.

Link Building

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own through content marketing, social media activity and blogging.

Content Marketing

Content marketing to target audiences using social media is a key factor in attracting the attention of the search engines and new inbound customers.

Speed Test

Your website speed has a big impact on SEO and, more importanly on the user experience, so speed testing your website is an important factor to consider.

SSL Security

Purchasing a Secure Socket Layer certificate for your website will protect you and your customers. This will include strong encryption for your email accounts.